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Direction: Read and understand each question that follows Chanse tam veritate
letter of the correct answer before each number
1. Which part is used to adjusts the amount of light?
A Coarse adjustment imob
B Condenser
C. Diaphragm
D Fine adjustment knob
2. What are the two functions of the eyepiece
A To adjust image from coarse to me
BTO hoids and focus specimen
C. To holds and support the microscope
D. To magnify intermediate image and focuses the light aus
3 Aside from holding the objective lenses, what is the other functions of the
Tevolving nosepiece?
A Hallows the rotation of the lenses
B. It is used to hold the microscope
C holds the body tube in place
D. Used to magnify images
4 Which part connects the eyepiece to the revoking nosepiace with the
A body tube
B. eyepiece
Crevolving nosepiece
D. stage
5 What do you call the lens that is within the eyepiece of the light
A high power
B low power
D scanning
6. To which are the scanning, low, and high-power abjectives mounted?
A body tube
B eyepiece
C. revolving nosepiece
D. stage
7. What parts of the microscope are being connected by the inclination joint
A. arm and base
B. arm and body tube
C. base and objective lenses
D. body tube and stage​

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