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what are the common parts of potted calamansi and special structure​

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    7 Parts of Calamansi

    So, what are the parts of Calamansi?

    Calamansi Seeds

    Calamansi Roots

    Calamansi Stem

    Calamansi Branches

    Calamansi Leaves

    Calamansi Flowers

    Calamansi Fruit


    1. Calamansi Seeds

    The calamansi seeds is a part of calamansi in which it form into a plant. Through the seeds, it will germinate and will grow on the soil. This help the gardeners to produce more calamansi tree.

    2. Calamansi Roots

    The calamansi roots is a part of calamansi in which it transport vitamins and minerals to every part of the citrus. When there are many nutrients on the soil, the roots has a role to transport it. This is the key why the citrus tree grows well.

    3. Calamansi Stem

    The calamansi stem is a part of calamansi in which it is the main body of the plant. It has also a soft stem which it is easy to cut when young. The stem has a rough texture. This has a green, dark green to brown in color.

    4. Calamansi Branches

    The calamansi branches is a part of calamansi in which it is the secondary stem. As you can see the main stem of the calamansi is the big bark. The branches are the parts where the leaves, flowers and fruit produce.

    5. Calamansi Leaves

    The calamansi leaves is a part of calamansi in which it produces foods for the plant. Without the leaves, the calamansi cannot grow well. Poor direct sunlight can cause a yellowish color leaves and it tends to a poor healthy plants.

    6. Calamansi Flowers

    The calamansi flower is a part of calamansi in which it help the plant to produce fruits. Th

    e flower of calamansi is beautiful. It is white in color and small in size. The texture of the flower is soft and also smooth when you tough it. This also has a good smell like the sampaguita flower.

    7. Calamansi Fruit

    The calamansi fruit is a part of calamansi in which it has many seeds content inside. It is cicle in shape. Also its color green to dark green when young and color yellow to orange when ripe. This has a smooth in texture. It produces small fruit.


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