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Directions: Fill in the blanks with correct terms/concept related to vocal music of Cordillera. Choose your answer froin the box.

[ Badiw / Melismatic singing /
oral traditions / Ifugao's Hudhud chant / Communal / Igorot / Hudhud / Salidumay / Oggayam / chanting ]

1.__________ is a love incantation vocal ensemble combination
of vocal and instrumental music.
2.__________is the oldest traditional Cordilleran way of storytelling in the form of chant.
3.__________is a festive, declaratory and chant song conveying greetings ang expression of opinions related to the events.
5.__________are group of indigenous people known for their
unique vocal and instrumental music.
6.__________is threatened and inscribed in the 2008 List of
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
7.__________is a style of performance in group where everyone is enjoined to showcase their talents in singing.
8.__________Cordilleras preserved and transmitted their
musical cultures and traditions from generation to generation through.
9.__________is a style of reciting/ singing in a monotonous repetitive tone.
10.__________is a group of notes or tones sung in one syllable in plainsong.​

1 Answer

  • Answer:






    6.Ifugaos Hudhud chant


    8.Oral traditions


    10.Melismatic singing


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