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write a paragraph on discipline in 150words ​

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    Discipline is a value to be inculcated in childhood. Discipline refers to punctuality, following of rules and being organised in every aspect of our life. This makes it easy to complete our different tasks and activities efficiently and achieve success easily. When we are disciplined we save time, and are more productive. Discipline helps us utilize time to our best advantage. Instead of wasting time on useless activities, we do the tasks necessary to reach our goals. We work in an orderly and organized fashion. We are obedient to rules, for disobeying rules does not let us reach our goal.You will find here below a number of short paragraph on Discipline and long paragraph on Discipline of varying word lengths. We hope these paragraphs on Discipline will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on Discipline according to their particular requirement.

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    Discipline is the regulation of human behaviour in our personal as well as our social life. Discipline is putting into practice what is the proper thing to do in a situation. It encompasses every area of our lives.

    It is important for students to stay disciplined. Discipline is essential for students to achieve their ambitions in life. Good discipline helps the students to complete all their assignments properly and on time.

    School discipline refers to the rules in school to manage the behavior and practices of students. School discipline is a guideline on how students should behave in the school and in classrooms. It defines how we should behave with our teachers and other students.

    It is a sad thing that there is a decline in school discipline. Teaching is not an easy job. Teachers don't get the best salary. Teaching is called a noble profession. But very often they don't get the respect they deserve. We must change this attitude towards our teachers.

    The ancient Romans became the most powerful empire in the world. Their success is attributed to the highest standard of discipline of their soldiers. Discipline in the army makes the military of a nation strong, reliable and more efficient in protecting a nation and the citizens.

    Discipline plays a major role in games and sports. Each player and athlete must have discipline during training as well as while playing against other teams. Success and victory in competitive games and sports is impossible without discipline.

    Discipline brings stability and order in our community. If there is no discipline, people would do whatever they wanted to do and cause chaos and confusion. We are social beings and we cannot live in isolation. We are always in contact with other people and therefore discipline is important to us. Discipline is the virtue which promotes good human behavior. We can build a better and harmonious society by inculcating discipline in our daily life.

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