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speech on success comes to those who will and dare​

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    It is rightly said that nothing succeeds like a success. Success is not stable in one’s life. It is the rarest gift of god and the hardest achievement of a man. There are people who wait to see the occurrence of wonders in their life by the invisible power. Such people are called ‘fatalists’. These people purchase a bundle of sorrows and criticize God for their failure. But there are people who do not race after success but success ultimately kisses their feet as they will and dare to do impossible works possible.

    There many examples such as Sir Isaac Newton who was dyslexic but with his hard work, tenacity and determination he became an atomic physicist. Same was in the life of Helen Keller, Van Beethoven, Hillary Bates, Thomas Alva Edison etc. who, with their willingness, diligence, simplicity, perseverance, constancy and consistency made success to come to them. In spite of their different disabilities, they did not surrender to life rather they became the most successful personalities of the world .

    So, we should try to learn from them and with our willingness, determination, patience and faith we should be success in our life as “success comes to those who will and dare.

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