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DistCI STaC U15
The "Sadhu" saw
that the king
come to his hi
The king agreed, after
allanged immediately for a meeting of the “Sadhu" and
Gadhu" saw the depressed king for a while and then spoke nothing serious had happened and
would be alright. From the next day the treatment would start.
but which was at a distance from the palace. The king had to come on
the treatment would start. He asked the king to
greed, after so many years the king came outside to walk on the road.
ace. The king had to come on foot to the hut
came outside to walk on the road. His ministers an
dants accompanied him. By the time he reached the Sadhu's hut. he was breathless, sweatin
omfortable. The "Sadhu” came out of the hut noticing everything. He offered cool water
The king felt better. The Sadhu brought out an iron ball, the size of a football and gave
e attendants asking his majesty that daily morning and evening he had to roll that ball in the pala
ods. The king okayed to the "Sadhu" and left. After fifteen days when the “Sadhu" came to
place to meet the king, he had lost a considerable amount of weight, was feeling much better
as active. All his sickness had disappeared. In spite of a lot of wealth, the king was not happy as
and uncomfortable. Th
was unhealthy.

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