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Make a table of man made plastics with the following heading
a) Recycling code
b) Name of polymer
c) Common applications
d) Safe for alimentary use
e) Reusable

1 Answer

  • Answer:


    Plastic Type General Properties Common Household Uses



    Good gas & moisture barrier properties Mineral Water, fizzy drink and beer bottles

    High heat resistance Pre-prepared food trays and roasting bags

    Clear Boil in the bag food pouches

    Hard Soft drink and water bottles

    Tough Fibre for clothing and carpets

    Microwave transparency Strapping

    Solvent resistant Some shampoo and mouthwash bottles

    High Density


    Excellent moisture barrier properties Detergent, bleach and fabric conditioner bottles

    Excellent chemical resistance Snack food boxes and cereal box liners

    Hard to semi-flexible and strong Milk and non-carbonated drinks bottles

    Soft waxy surface Toys, buckets, rigid pipes, crates, plant pots

    Permeable to gas Plastic wood, garden furniture

    HDPE films crinkle to the touch Wheeled refuse bins, compost containers

    Pigmented bottles stress resistant



    Excellent transparency Credit cards

    Hard, rigid (flexible when plasticised) Carpet backing and other floor covering

    Good chemical resistance Window and door frames, guttering

    Long term stability Pipes and fittings, wire and cable sheathing

    Good weathering ability Synthetic leather products

    Stable electrical properties

    Low gas permeability

    Low Density


    Tough and flexible Films, fertiliser bags, refuse sacks

    Waxy surface Packaging films, bubble wrap

    Soft – scratches easily Flexible bottles

    Good transparency Irrigation pipes

    Low melting point Thick shopping bags (clothes and produce)

    Stable electrical properties Wire and cable applications

    Good moisture barrier properties Some bottle tops


    Excellent chemical resistance Most bottle tops

    High melting point Ketchup and syrup bottles

    Hard, but flexible Yoghurt and some margarine containers

    Waxy surface Potato crisp bags, biscuit wrappers

    Translucent Crates, plant pots, drinking straws

    Strong Hinged lunch boxes, refrigerated containers

    Fabric/ carpet fibres, heavy duty bags/tarpaulins


    Clear to opaque Yoghurt containers, egg boxes

    Glassy surface Fast food trays

    Rigid or foamed Video cases

    Hard Vending cups and disposable cutlery

    Brittle Seed trays

    High clarity Coat hangers

    Affected by fats and solvents Low cost brittle toys

    There are other polymers that have a

    wide range of uses, particularly in

    engineering sectors. They are identified

    with the number 7 and OTHER (or a

    triangle with numbers from 7 to 19).

    Nylon (PA)

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

    Polycarbonate (PC)

    Layered or multi-material mixed polymers

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