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An article focusing on a perfect diet for growing children

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    The one thing you must have heard every parent tell you about raising a child is that it is extremely difficult to get them to focus on their studies. We all know the old drill; the distractions are endless and their attention span is not. It is important for your child to focus, not only to improve academically but also to ensure personal growth and development. So here are some ways you can help your child focus more:

    Routine Is The Key

    Setting a routine and ensuring that your child sticks to it, helps your child focus better. This will help with overall development and enhance your child’s performance, by making studying a regular part of their routine. Not only this, it will also help them become well rounded, focussed individuals, in the long run. For example, you can have a preassigned ‘Homework Hour’ after your child comes home from school. Exercising for children is important during the exam period. All your child needs to do is make time to take a walk, or take a run or a jog. Not only is it going to make their body physically stronger but also reduce the chances of them falling sick. An active human body will help in strengthening your child’s immune system.

    Break Down The Big Tasks

    As you must know, children are often thrown off by tasks that seem too big or taxing. The best way to get them to focus on these big tasks is to divide them into various smaller tasks with a definite deadline and small breaks. This way your child will not only focus better, but will also enjoy the task at hand.

    Pay Attention To The Diet

    As parents, you are always concerned about what your children are eating. But not everyone knows that nutrition has a lot to do with your child’s concentration levels. If you want your child to focus better, make sure that they eat better. Micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, iron, copper and Vitamins A, C, D, E are known to be important for cognitive functions. Health food drinks such as Horlicks contains these micronutrients. Giving two cups of Horlicks with regular diet to your child would help fill this nutritional gap and make your child sharper++

    Go The Non-Academic Way

    To truly focus, your child needs to learn to how to pay attention to non-academic activities, as well. Try using the help of puzzles and riddles in his/her free time. Puzzles make the goal result oriented and help in building problem solving skills. This will in turn build a result oriented approach to studies. But only do this in the spare time or as a family activity, as doing puzzles right after studies can be mentally exhausting.

    Leave Room For Entertainment

    There goes a saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Studying without breaks can leave your child feeling bored and tired. Ensure that your child has enough playtime for increased energy levels. Certain sports such as football also help your child build focus and inculcate the virtue of sportsmanship in them. Thus, the only way to get your child to focus more and perform better, is doing some form of physical activity which is a reward and a way to refresh them from studies. Sports is a way to release stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety, in turn, can act as deterrents to concentration, and hence performance in academics. Periodic release of stress can help bring about a positive outlook in general which will help in boosting confidence and focus.

    To get your child to stay focussed while studying can indeed be a task. But, once armed with these insights, getting your child to concentrate better will be a cakewalk for you.

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