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essey on examination system in our india (for ex :- write or wrong)​

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  • Hi Mate,

    One of the major problems with the Indian education system, as it stands now, is the way examinations are being conducted. It has been the same over the years where the students have gone to an examination hall, then given an examination in a short time where they are supposed to give their best with respect to the questions that they face and then waited for the results. Quite often it has been seen that guys who have prepared all the year have suffered nerves on the big day or some other problem and then had a poor exam while someone who got questions he or she was acquainted with had a terrific examination and then basically had a good result.

    The biggest problem is that there is way too much question of chance involved over here – anything could happen and that could unsettle even the best of students. In order to offset this problem, we are nowadays seeing new systems being introduced such as mid-term or semester examinations and unit tests. All these are better as they provide students with a lighter schedule that allows them to branch out to other areas of life such as sports and extracurricular pursuits such as music or drawing which is where their main talent lies. However, the major problem with this scenario is that it encourages students to study for marks and remember things for the short term – only to forget them by the time the next examination happens.

    The main purpose of education is to educate students and help them appreciate the better points of the knowledge that is being imparted to them. However, that seems to have been shortchanged right now with the added emphasis on grades and marks. The system needs to be one that enables students to truly learn what they are being taught and internalize it and not just mug it up for a few days or months. It needs to be more long term than what the situation is at present. At the same time, it also needs to be practical so that the students’ abilities are properly tested.

    One way out of this could be a project or assignment like system where the students are given tasks they can complete at home and they can be given sufficient periods of time to complete them like a couple of days. This system will ensure that students devote quality time behind their studies and also eliminate any excuse or reason for failure.

    The second way out would introduce the major and minor system that is already in operation from the higher levels of education in the lower levels like the 6th standard for example.

    In the novel “A Study in Scarlet” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes tells John Watson that it is futile to know too many things if one is not going to use them. Wouldn’t it be really beneficial for students interested in Einstein and Gay-Lusac’s Law to devote more time to them than to study how Shakespeare interpreted life?

    It is important to prepare students for the future instead of having them know too many things that they may not use in the future. The 6th standard is the time when students move on to what is known as a high school in India. At this stage the school can have a discussion with the parents on the subjects he has performed well in and hold interviews with them as well as the students and suggest the subject where he or she is likely to excel in future. However, they also need to be given a good time so that they can take a proper decision as such.

    The suggestions could be based on the grades that have been achieved by the students so far. He can also study the other subjects but they can be treated as minor subjects and any mark that is added to the one needed to pass the subject can be added to the main tally. This will ensure that the students enjoy what they are studying and there is no undue pressure on them to perform well in each and every subject. With relaxed attitude questions of peer pressure and parental pressure may not also be there.

    Not many know that India is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to student suicide and given the breakneck nature of present day life things may only get worse a few years down the line. Perhaps it is the duty of the ones in power as well as the parents and teachers in India to make sure that such incidents are less in number and we have a young generation that is doing what it loves to do rather than trying to achieve something that is clearly beyond its capabilities and then fail and end oneself while trying to get to that impossible aim.

    Hope this helps you.....☺☺

  • Examination is defined as "Ability of student for checking skills, IQ, progress, physical fitness, knowledge, ability of understanding skills and knowledge in particular field". Examinations are conducted just for checking skills and Thinking abilities of students. But, The definition of Examination in India is Quite different. Indian students are today just like robots. Education system in India is poor. Indian school books only includes information, theories and concepts.

    There are lot of differences between Indian education system and developed countries Education system. It is obvious that, Exams are conducted in every country for checking the students thinking capabilities, skills. Developed countries like Unites states, Unites kingdom, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan conducts examination for checking student's problem solving skills, IQ, progression and thinking capabilities.

    But in India, Examinations are conducted to know "How much information students can memorize in the examinations". In short, Indian institutes, schools colleges conducts exams for checking memorization power of students! Seriously? Government of India also know about this. Still, They don't take any action.

    Only information, Theories, concepts are taught to Indian students. And, to check how much they can remember, exams are conducted. Indian students are just like machines. Because, they don't understand anything but they do everything. Today, there is no difference between Computers, robots and Indian students.

    Once the student enters in Indian schools, Then till the class 9th, He/she will be passed anyway and in 10th also this students got passed. But, the real thing with this students happens after 12th standard. As students of India don't have own problem solving skills, companies too don't select this students. Due to this, There is a huge rise in unemployment of India every year.

    Examination system of India needs lots of improvement. Education system should be planned/managed in such a way that, Every student should be able to understand the concept properly and use that knowledge practically. Schools should show the practical of the theories and concepts that students have learnt. Practical knowledge is quite quicker and students can have the proper knowledge about any theory and concept.

    Student in India have very low Problem solving capabilities which is not good for their own development as well as nation's development. Teaching should be done in such a way that, students should learn them properly. To increase problem solving capabilities of students, they should conduct examinations in which, there should be questions related to concepts they have learned, not what they have learned.

    India is country where the cheating happens the most. To avoid cheating in examinations, India should conducts it's High level examinations on computers. Instead of using pen paper, students will give their exams using keyboard and mouse. This will also increase the use of Digital technology in our country.

    Indian government should change their education system and adopt the education system like developed countries. Questions in examinations should be asked for checking student's problem solving abilities not for checking memorizing power. If the examination system and education system of India will be changed, then it will automatically make India developed country and rate of being unemployment rate will decrease.

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