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3. Define Osmosis.
ii Name smallest and largest cell.
ni) which structure is little nucleas and director of cell?
iv) How do substances & water move in & out of the cell
w What would happen to a cell if there was no golgi apparatus?
vi) What is microscopic?
vi) What is the pecularity of nerve cell?
vili) what is dictyasome?​

1 Answer


    1. the region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane .
    2. smallest cell is mycoplasma and the largest cell is egg of ostrich.
    3. nucleolus.
    4. through selectively permeable membrane by process of diffusion.
    5. if there was no Golgi apparatus in the sale then the packing and dispatch process will not take place. complex material will not convert into simple one.
    6. microscope-resembling a microscope especially in perception.
    7. The nerve cells are also known as neurons. ... They are almost the ICT tools because they collect and combine the information received from other sensory cells and form an output that serves as an input for the other sensory, nerve cells, glands or muscle cells. Nerve cells are little computers in a body.
    8. Dictyosomes are stacks of flat, membrane-bound cavities (cisternae) that together comprise the Golgi apparatus. Within the dictyosomes, proteins are stored, modified, sorted, and packed into vesicles (which are then closed off as Golgi vesicles) for further transport..


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