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dialogo de tres personas utilizando los pronombres reflexivos en ingles

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  • John : Hi Bob did you fix the bike yesterday ?

    Bob : Yes, it took three hours, but I did it by myself

    John. : Great, what are you eating, chips ?

    Bob: Yes, help yourself, I've just bought them from the shop at the corner...

    John : Thanks, but I've just washed my hands.

    Bob : Ask Jean for a towel, she has always towels in her handbag

    Joohn : No, I don't want to disturb her, she has just washed herself and she probabily needs the towel to dry her hands.

    John : Ok, next time, then. Now I'm going to dry myself because I'm afraid I will catch a cold.

    Bob : Ok, Take care of yourself.

    John, bye, you too.

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